Friday, September 17, 2010

Well, Hello land of bloggers!

I guess i should start this off with something light and sweet :), please excuse my spelling i do my best to check it but honestly spelling is NOT my strong, cooking, problemsolving, good at those...but not spelling lol.

So here goes.....

I have been noticing a serious trend towards glossy beauty in our everyday lives...maybe it is cause we have been bombarded with magazine pictures everywhere we go, or Tv and all the makeover shows and the actresses constantly getting more plastic looking and thinner, Oh My Lord, so much thinner.  Perhaps we are thinking it is normal now....but i really dont htink it is healthy at all....I have gotten caught up in it, I have to fight it everyday.  I love makeup and hairstyling, and jewlery and sparkly things, and fashion (mostly), and shoes OH MY do I love shoes, almost as much as eyeliner i think :).  But I think everything should have a balance...too much time infront of the mirror is not good for our hearts as women becasue it just makes the feeling of inadiquicy worsen, i think we need to develop a feeling that we are great just like that! no makeup, no designers. just fresh in the morning, with nothing on, yes i mean absolutly nothing naked and no makeup, we should be able to look in the mirror (PLEASE  dont go out like that).  Darling Daughter I hope you see your beauty before you put on whatever wonderful thing you chose to accetuate your curves (when you get them) and before you enhance your lovley face with the makeup you will choose.  I hope you will be happy with your frame, and hieght, and skin, and tone, and hair and everything else that women pick apart when they look in the mirror...
Very few of us are perfect, and that is good enough, pretty enough, sweet enough, loved enough.  We will still bring delight to others with our smiles and encouraging words.  We will still enjoy all that God has given ad try all we would like to try, and actually you will probibly try more things and enjoy more things the less you worry about your appearance.  I have friends who wont go dacning if they are 5lbs more then they want to be.  That is too sad because while they are at home feeling bad at home...I was out dancing, enjoying rythym, sound, and movment...and loosing some wieght as I dance, non-stop for 3-4hrs.  I dont kno how you would let someone elses opinion - no scratch that! what you think someone thinks of you stop you from doing anything! Especially dancing! So Please, when ever you want to dance (even in the grocery store and a good song is on) do it. Dance. Enjoy. Feel freedom.  Dress how you like (but modestly (no I dont mean prudy) please), do what you love, and PLEASE do not let the mirror rule you life, girl!
Ps : and all the people watching you looking at you like you are NUTS, are really thinking....."I wish I had the guts".

And speaking of dancing.....well I'll continue that tomorrow. :)

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