Monday, November 22, 2010

Fashion and fabulous-ness ;)

So I have been really noticing people personal style lately (or lack there of)...and it gets me thinking that in all the striving to look perfect in some form or another that us ladies go thru everyday, I think the most important thing is your state of mind. :)  I think a good dose or self-worth, and bunch of sassy-ness and a touch or crazy, with a pinch of hotness (but not too much) thrown in for good measure make up a wonderfully fabulous look, for any woman, and it can't help but turn heads! :)  People will look because you are confident and lovely, men will look because of your grace and fun attitude, and ladies will look too (c'mon you all kno we check each other, to either compare, or take note for look-lifting for our own future use), to see if you are friend or foe....please try not to add so much hotness that you are an enemy rather then friend to other women.  We are important to each other, as friends, support, encouragment and ,....babysitters LOL.

I think it is very important to know yourself well enough to choose some fun, eccentric, pieces as signatures to be worn very often.... a favorite braclet (or stack of them), or necklace, or ring, watch, shoes, makeup look, OR all of the above that are just totally YOU!  Its great to play wth different looks and styles, and i think even as christian woman it is important to enjoy our femininity.  but also important to keep it to enjoyment and not obsession.....which is way to easy to slip into with all the constant pressure on women to be perfect all the time.  But in reality it is impossible to give "Beauty" a check list or specifiac recipe, there are more types and kinds of beauty then we can think of, which is why it is so important to celebrate the kind of beauty God has blessed you personally with, dont fight it, emphecise it, own it, work it girl!

So here is some food for thot.....some things that I think are beautiful and FABULOUS!....