Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Woman...

"A Woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she until you put her in hot water."
 - Nancy

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

30 for 30 Hair - day 2 :)

So here is number two in the series!

I LOVE the simplicity and that it is also stylish you can wrap the end of the braids with anything ribbon or lace, or something sparkly :)
Do something that is your style and enjoy the simple chic style

Here is my version of it :)

Mine didn't Turn out quite as polished as the other one, but I'm a country girl and love me some braids :) and actually i didnt start with wet hair....I like it tho there was more volume which my face needs, from the pin curls i did the other day.This was really fast and easy to do, good for a busy mom or before work.

Hope you like! :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

30 for 30 days Hair challenge

Soo I have seen lots of posts and articles about 30 for 30 wardrobe challenges and I have been trying more protective styles for my delicate curls during the winter months in an effort to grow them out (my hair grows tragically slow!) and have been thinking about posting a series about it and then my fabulous sister gave me the 30 for 30 idea!  Yeah I know she is brilliant :).  So here it is the first "do " in the series
Almost all of these are styles that wont need heat to achieve to prevent damage while looking FABULOUS!

 So I just kinda twist - the same like you would french braid but way faster - the front of my hair in small sections and secure them with mini clips you can use bobby pins or anything you choose that is your style.  I love how easy it is for a busy mom ( i can fit it in after my 2 minute shower LOL) and it looks good and fun all day and stays put even without product...all i use is leave in conditioner for this one.  It also gives a fun kinky texture the next day when you take out the twirls!  You can make a high hair do then :)

You can also put elastics in and wear it for a few days!

You can get fancy with it too,  I love this updo! 

Hope you like, another one to come tomorrow :)!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Style in the Closet - Wardrobe organization

So this morning while i was getting dressed I was thinking about wardrobe organization - probibly because mine is a disaster zone at the moment (no it is not usually but when an 18 mo old helps you put clothes away the thought is more important then the perfection of her work) and that i need to go in a purge and make a wardrobe back bone of basic that i love to wear and can be versitile and paired with different things..

(these are my latest sewing projects in progress will post the finished ones another day)

I was thinking about what are my basics my tried and true always in the dirty clothes stand-bys ( i should say i am very bad at wearing my favorites and not great baout wearing all my clothes so i want to get a closet plan on the road so i can utilize all the things I have spent money on or time sewing).

So for me these are my basics (being a homemaker - I love the picture that word conjures)
- black well fitting yoga pants - 2 - 3 pairs
- 2 pairs of nice fitting jeans
- 3-4 tee shirts or everyday blouses
- 3-4 layering pieces (like cropped hoodies - my fav. or cardi's)
- 2 maxi skirts in basic colors.
 and all the rest is just bulking out the backbone :)

So I love tunics/kameez tops they are sooo comfy and flattering to the figure.  remember you wanna keep the one thirds two thirds going weather its top or bottom or 3 thirds, it is most attractive lines on a body. half and half not so much.  Also layering really makes and outfit so having tanks or skinny shirts for unders or cardi's or sweaters for layering is important to looking your best.  Also take care with your accessories that the are emphasizing the message you are want to send today not mixing it too much...fusion is a style its self but you gotta watch your accessories if you are doing a bold outfit you should keep them blending if your outfit is plainer or subtle you can bust out with the bling and sparkles.  I totally think you need to do thinking and feel inside yourself who you are and what message you want to send about you and your beliefs and youself as a woman.  and then fit your wardorbe and personal style to that form not the current fashion trends, but follow them as you choose what fits into your puzzle of you.  Fashion is subjective and you are more beautiful staying you then following and sqishing in a mold not made for you.  You are more beautiful as yourself then trying to be anything else or anyone else.  When we accept ourselves as women as ladies and as Lovely then our inner beauty will radiate thru our choices in our closet and we will get that certain sparkle that some women have, nd it is just confidence and being happy in their skin.

Whe we get there then we can decide what flatter the figure we have now and make the most of it, all women at al sizes are beautiful and uniqe, you need to do some thinkin and searchin to find the most flattering styles for your bodytype.
I look best in tunics, or princess style dresses and tops, in leggings or pants that have a slight flare or bootcut is best.  it balances my full thighs and hips (luscious booty lol;)) and things that have waist definition cause being busty as well anything boxy no matter what i do makes me look short and fat! haha, so i tend to stick with skimming rather then very full styles.

 Now for colors!  My favorite part!  Now when i was an old teen (gulp: like 10 yrs ago :0) i did ALOT of research into personal style and beauty and makeup, I still love it all, but oe of the best advice I have ever come across besides doing you colors to know what season you are is to pick 3 base colors for your wardrobe:
- 1 basic - black, brown, navy, tan, khaki,ect (Mine is chocolate brown but i have black too)
- one power color - a favorite that you are comfortable and confident in always that you get lots of complements in is usually good (Ie for me its plum purple)
- and one accent color, any color that you look great in and love, that kinda goes with your other two. like your second favorite color. (mine is Red or Hot pink or Yellow)  You can pick 2 of the last ones, and then rock you wardrobe

And then you buy all your basics in you basic color and then you secondary pieces in your power color and the rest in your accent colors.  and you always end up with thing matching or complimenting and you never end up with one green shirt and nothing to wear it with :)  That was always me a BUNCH of separates and nothing to wear, when i started this color technique I never again had too many clothes and nothing to wear, I keep a small amount of clothes that i really like, about 35 items and never am l!eft with nothing to wear or piles to go thru to find things.  I love it!...
So this are my tips on a workable always fun, easy to pick something from Wardrobe!  Have a happy Saturday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Nails style

So I was shopping in Wal-mart the other day and of course found myself in the beauty section and roaming thru all the pretty things and as i rounded a corner to my favorite isle containing manicure supplies and Rimmal displays accompanied by hard candy and wet n wild as well, I saw it, stick on mani's  I always wanted the sally Hanson nail strips to work for me but they doooooonnnn"tt! So i thought i would give these a try as they eliminate the drying time of polish and i have a toddler so that is a no go at this point unless i do it after she sleeps.  And you they are fabulous take less then 3 minutes to apply and stick on great!  I do dishes and lots of things that kill my mani's in 2 days tops and they lasted great...I did find that eating curry and butter chicken like we normally do at home and out, (with fingers) did make the glue loose some of its gusto tho and one nail was loose so I took it off other then that they stay on great!  So you may want to eat north American style and use your utensils while you wear them.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beautiful new fashion trends my new years sewing frenzy and excitement for the springs new trends i have been searching the new trends and upcoming styles and there are some delightful suits out now....or up and coming!  Seriously with all these lovely things how do you choose? :) Here are some of my favorites!

 Are'nt they lovely!  So inspiring...Isn't fashion wonderful, there is so much personality and whimsy, and what makes a person them selves in how we wear the garments, what we accessories with or if we use accessories at all, which shoes, how wee carry ourselves even effects our style...a dress can look different on different women.  Just because of who you are.  Style is a wonderful expression of our personalities, of where we came from and really where we want to go.  Fashion is like painting or drawing a new picture of our feelings everyday, for the many viewer we come in contact with to interpret how we see ourselves...and how fun is that!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fashion break!

Soooo....I seriously have a "to sew" list a mile long, it actually so daunting that I've been having troubles starting, I tried - really tried - two new styles that i like but am having troubles finishing them because I had to do so much tweaking...but my persistance has paid of and it is turning out quite well if i do say well infact that i was inspired to try another NEW style....I found out after I cut eveything and pinned it together I didnt have enough fabric for the rest of the i slept on it - which seems to be my tried and true design problem solver LOL - and when i got up to make hubby's  lunch and breakfast at some un-godly hour this moring as i rooler out of bed it hit me! ill edge it with ribbon or lace!  HA!  i figured it out and am so happy.  Yes wierd things can make me goofy happy, but i love a good challange best :) So here is the pinned thing .....

 This is my plie of finishing to do today! pressure :)  Ha, I have to finish 10 things this month, did I set to lofty of goals?  Not sure yet I'll decide by feb, isnt that the month for goal redrafting :);)

And this next picture is of my "to make pile"  AHHH!  LOL...I have like 20 things in my brain that I want to make, especially if I will be wearing dresses more, I need options, you know the - you can go out in this cause its not stainned, and the only for home becasue it is - parts of your closet.  My mother taught me you gotta go out presentable and house clothes are not meant to be worn in public and I dont know what she did but she gott it in so deep I can feel her clickin her tounge when i sneak out uick in house clothes LOL...what will I teach my poor daughter that she will be looking for me ova her shoulda when she is grown with kids? :)

So back so sewing...I have plans for 2 more maxi dresses, 2 shirts for hubby, and 3 dresses/tunics for daughter,a nd 2 tunics for me, and a dress for one of my favorite bloggers whos ahs so graciously offered to spread the word for my clothes! and advertise for me on her blog over at socialite dreams.  so how many items is that anyhow?? 10! great! and the three ive done now will be gravy *doing my crazy dance *  I will post after pics of this as much as I can :)
Have a great and creative day!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Woman...Lovely By Design.

I have been reading really good blogs about femininity and am all in that right now cause i am VERY VERY opinionated about it...more in the you are a woman and different from men, but worth as much and that we need to enjoy and embrace and be girly and adornment is good and fine and fun...and we also need to spend as much time on character or more then we do in the's more about balance. :)

I am very passionate about Women's Issues, and do alot of reading and reaserch about it, I read my Bible regularly and pay close attention to what God has to say about women in all aspects of life, and that is why I am committed to being a stay-at-home mom and a Home-maker.  It is a humble and very worthy calling I have known was mine my whole entire life from age 3. Yet how do you say in this world that your calling is to be a mother and home-maker and contributer in a support-group, and teacher and preacher and cook and house-girl to a large but lovely family ( we have one little one so far but my husband and I are in agreement that we will have and car efor as many as God blesses us with).  And what a blessing to find and better yet marry a man who values and holds in high regard, stay-at-home mothers and family over all the rest of the things of the world.  It is a joy to have a husband that notices and is thankful for the endless jobs we do again and again every day every week that make our houses homes.  I am blessed that is for sure....I am very thankful my Mother and Auntie (god-mother) told me when i was not yet a teen to pray for my future husband.  It was worth every single second...God hears every little tiny prayer that I know for sure, and He saves them up for the perfect time and gives abundantly!

  Modesty is something Mother talked alot to us about as we were becoming women, and often, she shopped along side us and guided us in the way we should go and helped us understand why...I have never wore a mini anything thanks to her...and am glad i headed her advice and teaching for the most part.  I always got treated like a lady (know that there are jerks and fools everywhere and i am not counting their idiocy in this) and with respect if i wanted...Women tell others how to treat us by our actions and dress.  If you don't look to men for approval you will be treated better by them, on top of making better life choices.   

I dont believe you need to wear long sleeves, that you cant show your arms, or that you cant wear shorts, and knee length skirts, but really anything that you cant wear a bra under or you see the straps, we all know that is not modest, and you can wear nice tops but dont show half your bust off, and you dont need saran wrap to get a mans attention, we often forget that a modestly, yet womanly dressed woman will most definitely catch their eye, and in a good forever type of way as opposed to a single night type of way and that really ishow every girl dreams of being desired and treated.  Treated with value and worth and held up in a forever loved, and treated like a princess way.  We dont get that dressing like a tart.  I now its blunt but you know its true. 
I like fashionable clothes and think it is fine to be stylish and that adornment is just fine and fun and wonderful part of being created woman, God speaks alot about how beautiful women are adorned....but it needs to be the accompaniment to a kind heart and gentle spirit, faith, and character.   The "good girls" of the bible wore jewels and nice clothes and pierced their noses so you need to pray and consider what your lines will be and the effect they will have on you as a woman, on those around you and your daughters and sons....and to all those people who say that we have to protect men from lust....that is theirs to deal with not yours, but we don't need to advertise if we aren't selling anything.

We all know when we get dressed the reaction our outfit will receive...what will you choose today?  A prince or a vagrant.   You have to stand a tell God when you get there so you have to choose for your self.  So that is my rant for the day and some of my thoughts on it, I would love to hear yours, I love a good disscussion!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

dura Lash Lashes review.

So I had some mad money and wanted to try some falsies and see how i can rock 'em or - lol - if i can even put 'em on!  So anyhow i got the individuale lashes flared from dura lash mostly cause they looked like they would be more natural looking then the only other option left at walmart and i love em.  they look natural and fuller and i dont even need mascara but of course i added liner as i was already trying new beauty stuff and i had new liquid liner!  so here it is my first attemp at lashes.
Please excuse my hair I was trying something big this morning and it did its own thing being lived in today :)
Happy New Year.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012.

So 2012 is here and it seems like it came wayyy too fast :).  But I am thinking this year is a little different at least to me, i am not doing resolutions or intentions, I will simply have goals, to make life better and more satisfying for me and my family to bring our hopes and dreams closer into reach.  I always feel like the new year and all the pressure to be prefect at everything and the "right size and/or shape" and have you beans (some people say nuts, be we more crazy then that! lol) in a row, ready to take on the world!  LOL...I just feel frazzled when Jan rolls around after all the hustle bustle and am simply trying to "catch up" after it all....Why does it seem like my house had a tornado go thru it and that my family have worn two sets of clothes for like 10 days??  I didnt even have time to think about what this year could be or my goals this year. LOl that s what I have been up to today ::)  Sewing! and cleaning and sewing some more and dreaming about all the projects i can get done and the possibilities this year holds.  So a few of my goals are.....
-Get back to pre-baby weight
-Dance with Dear daughter everyday
- work on hindi every day till the program is finished adn move on to spanish (it will be time for dear daughter to learn another language too)
- sewing 10 things a month
- make at least a set of dishes a month and sell them.
- get my hair in good condition by avoiding heat until once on the weekend
- Make a menu plan for the week and fill it in every week (i usually forget :))
- Do one special thing with darling daughter a week, girly thing or fun for her.
- set up the sensory bins as she is old enough for some of them, and have them ready to go.
I always seem to get to January with the same goals as last year and not much changed, but this year I am pretty happy with my progress last year, and am looking forward to continuing on this year!

What are some of your goals for this year?  Happy new year and blessings everyone!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2012!  Happy New Year all...

I had a lovely time with family to ring in the new year and we all barely made it till midnight! crashed at 10pm and Grampa was gone abut 10:10pm lol, you think she was keeping him up? ;)  And hubby about 10:25pm and me mom and sista were up till 12am and woke them all said happy new year asked what were our resolutions noone had made any LOL...and hit the sheets.  it was nice, movies on demand and family together, a great way to start the year...I think I am off to print out some new years quizzes for us all to do and some insiration for our word for the year, to keep us all on track and focused on our goals....ohh maybe we should do a list of goals too!  LOL...well I'm off to get some fun activities for the rest of the fun...

I will post some thoughts about this year tomorrow.!!  Happy New year, and blessing to everyone!