Friday, November 30, 2012

Eyeliner Trends

So I love whimsy, and fancy myself an artist, these fanciful eyeliner trends really make me happy :)
So I had to do a post about my all time favorite makeup item....Eyeliner.
My go to, not dressed without my favorite, I usually always wear Kajal, from Rimmel, the little pots you get at the indian grocery.  But when I am feeling fancy I make wings and use liquid liner on top of the kajal for a soft, rich, never move through sweat and tears, dramatic look.

Here are some of my favs from my lastest google search, hope it inspires you, as it did me, to step outside your ordinary and enjoy the limelight eyeliner is in right now, to do something different and fun!
I will post some styles I have been trying on another post after I have worn a few of the latest eyeliner trends to take pics of :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Easy-peasy, Fly out the door Hair (Look of the Day)

 So I have learned a new fabulous way to make hair last and look finished and Fab, for 3-4 days.  With two kids now and one being small more then 5 min showers are a luxury that i afford 2ce a week, so I obviouly cant wash me hair more often then that :)
I found a new technique where you use hairspray instead of back combing to add lift and volume...and tweeked it to suit my face shape and favorite hair styles and i came up with this:
- you hold the hair up and spray section by section/ or layer by layer for lift, where you want it.  you brush it out every evening and the hairspray acts as a kinda dry shampoo for me (but I have coarse, dry, curly hair) and a humidity barier....which cuts down stying time too.

You can change your style every day and look fabulous simply brush out your last "Do" and spray in a new one LOL...

you can do a bump, or and updo, or a let your hair be just down and a few well placed bobby pins and good to go in 3 min flat!
 5 min if you add mascara and conceler for those sleepless nights, throw on a pair of earings and you are stylin' and ready to run!

Hope you like it!

Monday, November 26, 2012

stay-at-home Sassy

Bollywood Beauty

The beauty of Bollywood has captivated the world, and excitingly made its way into influence of mainstream American fashion.  It is womanly, yet shy, and sparkly, and rich, full or color, mystery and centuries of culture.  From Mehndi and its many traditions and meanings, the rich use of color in cloth, spices and their many uses and flavors, and the jewelry that has many meanings and occasions, the makeup which enhances a woman’s full beauty.  The enjoyment of an innocence forgotten by the western world to family friendly films.  My husband was captivated by the filmstars of old like Madhuri and Rekha and Amitah Bachan, and ended up with a much more real and healthy idea of what a women looks like, then our western ideals, the knowledge that women change thru child birth and a life lived, and that thin is not the value of a woman, but morals, modesty, and a kind word, giving all she has for family.
I have been captivated by the movies, culture, and traditions since, at 17, I got my first mehndi at a cultural festival.  I was hooked by the smell and feel on my skin the mystery in the design and the folklore surrounding it, and thus started a decade long love of all things hindustani.

Ashwariya Rai                                             Prianka Chopra
Madhuri Dixit                                                - Deepika padukone
And my favorite heroine, Rani Mukerji….my favorite movie is Dil Bole Hadippa!, my 2 yr old asks to watch it daily, and we watch it about 4 times a week, it never gets old.  If you have never watched a hindi movie before, you GOT to try this one…you will be hooked too :)
Madhuri Dixit                                                               Deepika padukone
Part of the allure of Indian beauty is the timelessness of it, the unabashed femininity, the ruchness.

Think PINK!



There is something intrinsically  feminine about pink, almost all girls love it, and guys love it when we do.  It has an innocence and sensuality to it.  It is still odd when guys wear it, in a very metro age ( I am more of a men's and women's roles type a girl :)) and girls are drawn to it from very small.  It is eye catching and lovely and has alot of underlying messages to be sent with the different ways we wear it.  as you can see from some of these looks, some are girly and sweet, others innocent, some reminiscent of the barbies we enjoyed as we grew,  some sassy, some sexy, ALL are feminine and beautiful.