Monday, December 5, 2011

Tragically Ingnored

Please watch till the end there is important info.

For some reason there are alot of crimes against humanity, mostly women and girls around the world that even though some people know nothing happens to stop it.  I hope by increasing awareness we can help stop hate crimes and injustice to women and girls worldwide.  I have always wondered why they say men are the strong ones?  They are usually the dominant ones, but we are the strong ones,  women the world over usually have to endure more pain in their lives then men do, and in many countries are treated as and have no more value then animals! In India women are thought of as the lowest of castes and can be aborted by their families until they are into there 20's and if they cant marry them, they are allowed to kill them and call it abortion.  We need to do something to help our sisters.  Remember we are not exempt, we just are safe right now because brave women stood up and said "WE ARE FIRST CLASS CITIZENS TOO! We deserve to be what we want to be, we deserve respect, we deserve love, we deserve to have choices that we choose!"  and they kept standing up and fighting for it until it passed.  that is why we can t work and go to school past grade 9 and collage and choose our husbands, and be respected by them, why we can say how many kids and when we want them.  why we can have good jobs and sit in the same place in a church.  because some brave women fought for us.....lets be the brave women who fight for someone else to have the right and stregnth to fight for her own daughters...even though it may be too late for her,  there are many daughters who can benefit.  But we have to say something, do something, and NOT turn the other way, just because we are comfortable now.  All women deserve good safe happy lives.  Just imagine it was your daughter......What would you do??

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