Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wave yuh Flag!

Around the would Cup :)

Canada                                                             USA
USA - happy Thanksgiving                                 - Union Jack
Mexico theme                                                USA and Pakistan
Spain                                                               - Japan, USA, Germaany, France, Italy
India                                                                    - Ireland
Jam-rock...Jamaica!                            - Scotland
Brasil                                                             Mexico
South Africa                                              - Germany
india flag nail art  philippines flag nail art
India                                                 - Philipines
Trinidad                                                             - Austrailia

Well I was looking for Fiji (shout out to my hubby) but there arent any, its a pretty detailed flag ;), and thats all I can find for now.,'s crying for milk :)

Have fun, Represent! Wave Yuh Flag (check out the song by Elephant Man)


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