Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fabulous French Nails

I love french manicures, they are my favorite. there are so many lovely designs you can do and they always look classy and sensual....I also love them because as a busy mother french nails wear of in a few days and you dont even know I never removed them, I always end up with chipped ends and no time to remove polish, its amazing when i take time to do them, i dont bother removing LOL...and french nails wear off evenly and quickly and dont look scruffy cause all the color is on the end :)

So here are some amazing and fabulous french nails!
The mehndi/henna artist in me cant help but love these!
merry christmas!
As the Farmer Nappy song goes....Belly belly belly belly dancer!
Hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your holiday gatherings!

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