Saturday, September 18, 2010

They say white girls cant dance......

Ok so I'm going to talk about dancing and how much it has to do with a womans confidence.
In a funny way the act of dancing builds a womans confidance like almost nothing else can.....i am not sure if sometimes a mans attention will hover around the same level some where....but being asked to dance by a man you like tops it all!
SO "they" say white girls cant dance. Ha! i say yeah may not come quite as naturally to us to find a rythym but once we do you better look out! lol.  I was told recently by a relative (obviously on my hubbys side), that was watching a vidoe someone had taken at a party dance (i was the only white girl in the room adn 99% of the time no matter where i am in the world I never seem to notice when I'm a minority, I see people as people, and feel comfortable with myself so it never matters to me) and they started talking about how beautifully the indian girls were dancing, and makig fun of every other race there (all where represented) and ESPECIALLY  the white girls "look at them what are they trying to do?" "they have no idea do they!" "ha look they finally gave up and went to sit down what is wrong with them? dont they kno they will never be as good?"  I listened to this talk about 1/2hr....then when auntie leaned over and said directly to me "a white girl can never beat and indian girl EVER at dancing." I jsut smiled and waited.  WHen the music changed to reggea, reggeton, and pop.....guess who bounced and looked around with no clue.....those indiian girls...and the rest of the girls at the party kept dancing beautifully.  Then the tune changes...."what kinda a music is this how the heck are you supposed to dance to it? what are they doing??!"  I said "do you see that white girl?" they answered "ya"...i said "thats what you do. thats how you dance. she is amazingly good. watch her and learn, she knos what shes doing."  They ALL turned around to see me "how the heck do you kno?" I replied, "cause I can do that, been doing it long time. ive gone to dances thats how you do it." They looked me up and down "You can do that?" I said "yes." They went "oh"....then i said " dont you kno that we may not be born knowing how to dance like the stars...but we learn....boy can we learn, we are not affraid to try, not affiraid to be laughed at while learning something new, and we will struggle and try and make fools of ourselves.  Then when we kno, when we've leaned. Look out, cause we kick butt everytime.  The worlds top belly dancers  are 2/3 white girls. And Your own hindi movies are now having ALL white girls except for the heroines as dancers......dont worry white girls can dance....and in a couple more parties tose girls are gonna surprise you :)"
I have had black white asian indian people all say i dance well....i was not born dancing well.  I had to make mistakes get laughed at loose the rythym.....till i could do it nicely.  I had to ignor them when people said aww you cant dance!...i had to let thier critism make my stubborn streak come i would practice.  So i guess this very long winded message to you, is Please Don't let others insecurities stop you from trying....just enjoy, live your life. and instead of critiszing anyone dancing - however they do - smile and think "good for them, they have guts, they are having fun, they look great cause they are happy"....And go and join in on the dance floor! Cause we only get one chance, at life....dont waste it, darling, just sitting in your seat. Get up get out there and dance! :)

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