Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Never more then we can bear?....

Well it says in the Bible that our God will never give us more then we can bear....well today I dont kno.  I sometimes wish that God didnt think I can handle alot of things that have happenend in my, not so perfect - but try really hard to be , life.  I am trying to remeber that saying (which IS true) "He didnt bring us this far to leave us now".  And the poem Footprints.  I am trying so hard to think of this as a time when I am being carried although it feels like I will only drowned....But God REALLY? what on earth is going on?.  I will do whatever I have to to keep my daughter safe....I will persevere - yet again *sigh*.  Darling daughter you are my biggest blessing that I have ever recived, and I hope I can make a happy and secure life for you by myself (with God's grace), I hope you feel loved to no end, I hope you see that you are worth more then gold or rubies, and live your life as such. I love you much!.

Now I will start over for you and me....lets see just where the good Lord takes us....'Cause I have absolutly no idea what is in store...it will be something good tho, God works everything for good, for those who love the Lord.

I love you dear daughter,
your Mama

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