Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where invisible lines are drawn...

So I was reading one of my usual blogs today (beyond black and white), and it had a guest post/question/discussion starter about whether there are more good black men or more good white men. Which was shocking to me that someone thought they knew enough of many races to be able to say if there was or not! LOL...So it was a bit offensive but I took it as an opinion and stopped myself from posting a response ;)...I married inter-racially and am soooo happy, I cant say there aren't any good white men, or that black men or brown men are better, as my husband was just a perfect match for me and as he likes to tell me often, I am also his perfect match.  We have both lived long enough to have had the option to marry in our race, but neither one of us is about color.  We are about character.  we chose a mate based on that and common goals and life plans and character - on the sensible side, and on love at first sight and mutual attraction - on the romantic side.  and that's it.  We both have family that doesn't think you should marry interracially  but we knew what was right for us, and we are happy. It may not be right for everyone but that is what free will and thoughful prayer is for.   I had prayed for my husband (not knowing who he was of course :)) for many years, and we both believe God led my husband to Canada just for me, amazing to think hey?  Nothing is too big or small for God.

My husband had a bad day yesterday and had some ignorant jerk yelling racial slurs and swearing at him, it is a disgusting thing that no one I know would put up with if it was them...I've had it happen to me and it don't feel good!  Why are people so rude and ignorant in this day and age! Our countries are diverse enough the world over to be over this dumb issue already, its some weird us and them thing that i do not understand.  I have had people be rude when we are out and about together, or people shake their heads when I am shopping with my beautiful baby girl and ask if she knows her dad. and I think of course, why do you assume that a interracial baby is father-less?!  or they think she is adopted LOL!  Nice that adoption is more mainstream I am definitely PRO adoption, but seriously people.  So I don't take most of it to heart, as i knew what i signed up for and anything that is worth doing is rarely easy, but I get frustrated by people's ignorance and outright stupidity at times, what makes someone think there are better cause of their skin tone, or for that matter, WHY ON EARTH would they think we are different????!  We are created by the same God, all bleed red, all need food and water, and we all know love and hate.  We all come from the same 2 people and if it hadn't been for the Tower of Babel we would still speak all the same language!  So I think no people are better no people are less, stop judging ignorantly by the color of my skin, or anybody elses for that matter, and wake up.  We are all on this world for the same things, to live and love, believe and meet our maker.  to live well and with character, and show God's love to all people, which is why it makes me furious when Christians start in against interracial relationships because they should know better.  Most of the new testament is about taking the gospel to ALL peoples and nations.  I can't wrap my head around the invisible lines that are drawn between races and diverse peoples....why do we feel safer in us and them situations?  Why is skin color such a big factor for relationships? or friendships?  Why cant people, see the person not the skin? I could get into color-ism here but I will save that for another day :)  Why do people feel safe with a perceived sameness?  I have been in a few situations where i was the only one of my race and didn't even notice till some one pointed it out, and asked if i felt alone? I asked why there are lots of people here!?  People are all people with the same needs and wants the world over.  So that is my thoughts, on something that is bugging me today, and I have to speak out about as it is close to my heart :)


  1. Hey Ruthie,
    You are sure right that this is a stupid issue to be having in this day in age, with the birth of the internet our world has gotten much bigger. As well as many many more immigrants than ever! It's good to remember the positives too - you have much more family that is happy to welcome your husband than you do negative family! We love you lots and that baby girl of yours is a blessing to her aunties (this one in particular!) and grandparents - no one could mistake that!
    Hang tough against the haters!

  2. Thanks Sister! I do have lots and lots of wonderful family, love you! You are a blessing to us too.