Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Woman Society Forgets

The Stay-at-home Mom, the homemakers.  Some are homeschooling mothers as well and involved in every aspect of the job God gave us, as I will be too once my baby girl is old enough, and ready.  I find it so amazing how many people ask what I do all day and if we are going to have anymore kids.  *shaking head* I answer yes we are hoping for at least 7 more.  They are speechless, and sputter, 7!  you are so brave!   And I think to myself, why am I brave for doing what I was made for?  When did being a mom and wife and taking care of people become the exception?  It boggles me. Our job is so important, so detrimental to a stable wholesome society.....I guess that's why we are in this mess,  when the mothers started going to work, values were lost and selfishness began to rise, and the "Me" generation was born (which is my generation by the way LOL, i was one of the lucky ones who had a "mean" ie :good, mom to make sure i turned into a good woman, that knew how to cook.)  I hope I have not disappointed her.   I always have enjoyed the reactions i get by telling people I will home school my 12 kids in the future and how many men that scared off before they even finished asking me out for coffee LOL!  I always said it upfront to weed out the frogs  :).  My husband is the first man I ever met that had no issue with us having 2 hands full or more children and was pro-homeschooling when i met him, needless to say I married him ASAP!  lol. I personally think that giving our children a happy healthy stable home is more important then all the stuff in the world, they need their Mom, plain and simple.  I often wonder why so many families put the wants first and the children last, it's starting to be all to common to see well dressed mothers with scruffy, tired,badly behaved kids in wal-mart. Raising kids well is hard, and worth it, worth being tired, worth the unrecognized work we do EVERYDAY :),  worth fitting in showers at odd hours, worth still having no makeup on when hubby gets home, worth the years of input till there is gradually character grows into something beautiful, and kind and gracious.   I love the work i do, it is the only job I ever wanted, my chosen career and I thank the Good Lord that I have that choice.  So here's to all the ladys who have chosen the home life and to go forth and multiply, it's defiantly not the easy choice, but it is good!

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