Friday, December 9, 2011

Latest Mehndi/henna designs!

 This foot is one of my favorites...the artist did a fabulous job.

                             Love this one too!  It is possibly close to what will                                                                              on my hands next :)

 Nice for a wedding design...cute two halves of a heart.

I love henna/mehndi as anyone who know me knows all too well, it was a borderline obsession at one point i would say, as one design would be almost gone I would be applying another one over top "to practice :)".  And I never dreamed at 17 that I would marry into the culture and really get to have it on my wedding day as I always hoped i would....I had to do it myself tho LOL, as no one in my hubby's family knew how, they had always had me do it for them and would joke about making "the white girl do the Indian girls mehndi"!:)  lots of fun....and through the years i have kept up pretty well with the trends in henna designs.  So when i recently search  - Latest mehndi - on google i was thrilled to see some changes!  more practice for me yay! (I seriously doodle design while sitting through meetings and a few church services (gasp:)), and have a binder full of sample designs for any family that will consent to be my next victim .....:)  I just think the world is a prettier place because of mehndi.....*

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