Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beautiful new fashion trends my new years sewing frenzy and excitement for the springs new trends i have been searching the new trends and upcoming styles and there are some delightful suits out now....or up and coming!  Seriously with all these lovely things how do you choose? :) Here are some of my favorites!

 Are'nt they lovely!  So inspiring...Isn't fashion wonderful, there is so much personality and whimsy, and what makes a person them selves in how we wear the garments, what we accessories with or if we use accessories at all, which shoes, how wee carry ourselves even effects our style...a dress can look different on different women.  Just because of who you are.  Style is a wonderful expression of our personalities, of where we came from and really where we want to go.  Fashion is like painting or drawing a new picture of our feelings everyday, for the many viewer we come in contact with to interpret how we see ourselves...and how fun is that!

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