Friday, January 6, 2012

Fashion break!

Soooo....I seriously have a "to sew" list a mile long, it actually so daunting that I've been having troubles starting, I tried - really tried - two new styles that i like but am having troubles finishing them because I had to do so much tweaking...but my persistance has paid of and it is turning out quite well if i do say well infact that i was inspired to try another NEW style....I found out after I cut eveything and pinned it together I didnt have enough fabric for the rest of the i slept on it - which seems to be my tried and true design problem solver LOL - and when i got up to make hubby's  lunch and breakfast at some un-godly hour this moring as i rooler out of bed it hit me! ill edge it with ribbon or lace!  HA!  i figured it out and am so happy.  Yes wierd things can make me goofy happy, but i love a good challange best :) So here is the pinned thing .....

 This is my plie of finishing to do today! pressure :)  Ha, I have to finish 10 things this month, did I set to lofty of goals?  Not sure yet I'll decide by feb, isnt that the month for goal redrafting :);)

And this next picture is of my "to make pile"  AHHH!  LOL...I have like 20 things in my brain that I want to make, especially if I will be wearing dresses more, I need options, you know the - you can go out in this cause its not stainned, and the only for home becasue it is - parts of your closet.  My mother taught me you gotta go out presentable and house clothes are not meant to be worn in public and I dont know what she did but she gott it in so deep I can feel her clickin her tounge when i sneak out uick in house clothes LOL...what will I teach my poor daughter that she will be looking for me ova her shoulda when she is grown with kids? :)

So back so sewing...I have plans for 2 more maxi dresses, 2 shirts for hubby, and 3 dresses/tunics for daughter,a nd 2 tunics for me, and a dress for one of my favorite bloggers whos ahs so graciously offered to spread the word for my clothes! and advertise for me on her blog over at socialite dreams.  so how many items is that anyhow?? 10! great! and the three ive done now will be gravy *doing my crazy dance *  I will post after pics of this as much as I can :)
Have a great and creative day!

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