Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Nails style

So I was shopping in Wal-mart the other day and of course found myself in the beauty section and roaming thru all the pretty things and as i rounded a corner to my favorite isle containing manicure supplies and Rimmal displays accompanied by hard candy and wet n wild as well, I saw it, stick on mani's  I always wanted the sally Hanson nail strips to work for me but they doooooonnnn"tt! So i thought i would give these a try as they eliminate the drying time of polish and i have a toddler so that is a no go at this point unless i do it after she sleeps.  And you they are fabulous take less then 3 minutes to apply and stick on great!  I do dishes and lots of things that kill my mani's in 2 days tops and they lasted great...I did find that eating curry and butter chicken like we normally do at home and out, (with fingers) did make the glue loose some of its gusto tho and one nail was loose so I took it off other then that they stay on great!  So you may want to eat north American style and use your utensils while you wear them.

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