Saturday, January 14, 2012

Style in the Closet - Wardrobe organization

So this morning while i was getting dressed I was thinking about wardrobe organization - probibly because mine is a disaster zone at the moment (no it is not usually but when an 18 mo old helps you put clothes away the thought is more important then the perfection of her work) and that i need to go in a purge and make a wardrobe back bone of basic that i love to wear and can be versitile and paired with different things..

(these are my latest sewing projects in progress will post the finished ones another day)

I was thinking about what are my basics my tried and true always in the dirty clothes stand-bys ( i should say i am very bad at wearing my favorites and not great baout wearing all my clothes so i want to get a closet plan on the road so i can utilize all the things I have spent money on or time sewing).

So for me these are my basics (being a homemaker - I love the picture that word conjures)
- black well fitting yoga pants - 2 - 3 pairs
- 2 pairs of nice fitting jeans
- 3-4 tee shirts or everyday blouses
- 3-4 layering pieces (like cropped hoodies - my fav. or cardi's)
- 2 maxi skirts in basic colors.
 and all the rest is just bulking out the backbone :)

So I love tunics/kameez tops they are sooo comfy and flattering to the figure.  remember you wanna keep the one thirds two thirds going weather its top or bottom or 3 thirds, it is most attractive lines on a body. half and half not so much.  Also layering really makes and outfit so having tanks or skinny shirts for unders or cardi's or sweaters for layering is important to looking your best.  Also take care with your accessories that the are emphasizing the message you are want to send today not mixing it too much...fusion is a style its self but you gotta watch your accessories if you are doing a bold outfit you should keep them blending if your outfit is plainer or subtle you can bust out with the bling and sparkles.  I totally think you need to do thinking and feel inside yourself who you are and what message you want to send about you and your beliefs and youself as a woman.  and then fit your wardorbe and personal style to that form not the current fashion trends, but follow them as you choose what fits into your puzzle of you.  Fashion is subjective and you are more beautiful staying you then following and sqishing in a mold not made for you.  You are more beautiful as yourself then trying to be anything else or anyone else.  When we accept ourselves as women as ladies and as Lovely then our inner beauty will radiate thru our choices in our closet and we will get that certain sparkle that some women have, nd it is just confidence and being happy in their skin.

Whe we get there then we can decide what flatter the figure we have now and make the most of it, all women at al sizes are beautiful and uniqe, you need to do some thinkin and searchin to find the most flattering styles for your bodytype.
I look best in tunics, or princess style dresses and tops, in leggings or pants that have a slight flare or bootcut is best.  it balances my full thighs and hips (luscious booty lol;)) and things that have waist definition cause being busty as well anything boxy no matter what i do makes me look short and fat! haha, so i tend to stick with skimming rather then very full styles.

 Now for colors!  My favorite part!  Now when i was an old teen (gulp: like 10 yrs ago :0) i did ALOT of research into personal style and beauty and makeup, I still love it all, but oe of the best advice I have ever come across besides doing you colors to know what season you are is to pick 3 base colors for your wardrobe:
- 1 basic - black, brown, navy, tan, khaki,ect (Mine is chocolate brown but i have black too)
- one power color - a favorite that you are comfortable and confident in always that you get lots of complements in is usually good (Ie for me its plum purple)
- and one accent color, any color that you look great in and love, that kinda goes with your other two. like your second favorite color. (mine is Red or Hot pink or Yellow)  You can pick 2 of the last ones, and then rock you wardrobe

And then you buy all your basics in you basic color and then you secondary pieces in your power color and the rest in your accent colors.  and you always end up with thing matching or complimenting and you never end up with one green shirt and nothing to wear it with :)  That was always me a BUNCH of separates and nothing to wear, when i started this color technique I never again had too many clothes and nothing to wear, I keep a small amount of clothes that i really like, about 35 items and never am l!eft with nothing to wear or piles to go thru to find things.  I love it!...
So this are my tips on a workable always fun, easy to pick something from Wardrobe!  Have a happy Saturday!

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