Monday, December 12, 2011

Amazing Adornment

I love Bangles and bracelets and sparkly things, I dont wear them as much as I did before baby, i still adore a lovely set of sparklers.

I wish I had found a nose rong for my wedding, and that i had been brave enough to wear the all the jewelry :)

Isnt she beautiful, I love wedding jewelry.

 I would have to say I am a bracelet and bangle junky, My husband had to weld a bangle/bracelet holder for me to store them cause they were everywhere and driving us both nuts lol.  These are some that really struck my fancy.

I also thought these pieces were quite lovely and amazing, i love the peacock earrings <3 and hair jewelry is super fun too, I am so lucky my sister makes it!  It saves my budget for sure.
I wish we were braver more often to wear jewelry and sparkly things, and not so worried about fitting in, or being made fun of.  I have had alot of pokes about things i have worn that werent exactly instyle at the moment over the years, it didnt kill me so dont worry, be true to you, and enjoy who you are,  you are the only one who can be you, so be the best you you can be :)

Happy Monday!

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