Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Indifference....or Not?

Okay so the last couple of days I have seen countless "sponsor a child for Christmas" commercials, and been thinking how can i feed my child and sponsor one more?  And seen on a few of the blogs I read some good post raising awareness for organizations who do help kids, in Africa and many other countries.  But I cant get past the so I sponsor that child until he/she is old enough they no longer qualify and then what?  what do they do?  I know they probably got to go to school at least some, but what about their brothers and sisters?  What about their parents who if they have them give up their food everyday so their kids can grow?  And I came up with after a emotional discussion with my own dear mother, about how we just cant help them all....That we can help their mothers, and in essence help the kids more.  they get parents and food and housing and hopefully school.  We feel like the parents are often to blame, but it not really like that, especially their mothers, (I am warning you I am very passionate about this subject so you are warned in advance), If their Mom's had job options or a place in the society there would be more healthy kids and families.  the problems almost always come from women being no more then dogs or slaves and at least they are thought of as a burden to handled.  How would you like to pray your whole life to be able to get married to a man you dont know just so you are allowed to live? If you were born a woman in India you would have to.  They are allowed to "abort"(kill) adult daughters that they cant afford to find husbands for or other various reasons, if they cant marry her off and cant support you they could kill you LEGALLY! Think about that.  You could help by sending girls to school so they at least get job options to support themselves. you could help with their job training, Or literacy. Gospel for Asia(100% goes to where you send it) and the Catholic church, and our government (plan.ca) and other organizations have ways for us to help with these basic needs.  There are many options now days for ttis type of help in Africa and other parts of Asia as well.  There are so many countries in this world where women are second class if they are lucky and the children suffer for it too....if she looses her husband a Mother is left with little option to feed her kids, keep her dignity, with no standing as a person.  she has to scrounge for food or make a very hard choice....and often times pay with her life leaving her kids all alone.  We really can help.  If we help the mothers (parents) feed their families the kids get everything they need, Mom and Dad and food and shelter.  helping with job training or village needs, or literacy, or schools gives people more options then just feeding them.  they can be proud of their accomplishments as they work up and out of the poverty, or despair that war and bad government can produce.  Women are a force to reckoned with in this world and if they are given the chance, we can change it, one step, one child, one movement at a time.  Remember it wasn't that long ago in Canada that Women (we) were not allowed to vote, own land, have custody of our children if husbands divorced us or died, and we certainly couldn't have respectable work, besides housekeeping or nanny positions.  it wasn't long ago at all, that our brave great grandmothers stood up and said WE ARE PEOPLE! WE HAVE RIGHTS.  lets help another woman or two have the courage to make her own future brighter.

Merry Christmas :)

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