Thursday, December 15, 2011

Delish Designs

So!  I've been drooling over a dress in the fall people style watch for awhile now and it is on my list of things to make "something like that", as I absolutely cant seem to follow a recipe to the letter or a pattern for the matter either, which is why cooking works out great for me and baking well not so much :)....My sister is the great baker in our family. Any how back to my dress inspiration for my next project when i finally get my holiday list of "to make" out of the way..............Is THIS!...

Isnt this a fabulous dress!  I love the skirt idea which is what i am planning oon doing something like that with the under skirt and 2 slits, but in a different color and material and top pattern as I live in a cold winter place :)

Aren't these beautiful!  I loved these when i was browsing and had to share....aparantly I am feeling like holiday party wear, and such.  I love the
 season and all the time we make for family and friends this months.  That's what Christmas is all about isn't it, and its even more fun when you have pretty things to wear to the functions :)  I love being a girl so much, is it great?

ALSO!....I saw this variation on a circle skirt...and just last night I was thinking in my sleep about making a skirt like this, and how it would turn out! So it was ironic that i came across it a not so busy season it would have been a sign...LOL.

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