Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So I was browsing for sewing insiration this morning and came across some of the up coming trends for 2012 and spring fashion.  It was quite a lovly browse :).
I am loving the 60's inspired as it is much more girly then the last crazy men's fashion for women thing that was going on and I dont not enjoy.  "It is against my religion" - to quote my darling sister when something doesnt flost her boat she always says this the the most high society tone that she can....usually everyone busts out laughing at that back on topic! Its actually not against my religion, but kinda against my belief system...women dress like women men dress like men...but how far that can go is a whole 'nother post! SOOOO....Back to up coming 2012 looks!
These are the ones I am loving,

Love his top, floral and bright. and the dress yeah love it too.

 I am happy that the high low hem line is back in i always love alittle latin flare!

Like the new twist on the 60's                              Yay for ruffles!

 I love the a-symmetrical of the dress but not that modest for real life...

Like how they used the color blocking on the pink dress.

I was so thrilled to see this Kahmeez as it is                   Love this one, so versatile
so much like the 6 I have cut out for my little girl!

 I adore this belted tunic from American runways, and the bodice of this kameez so much!  No one puts color together like Indian designers! (IMHO)

Love the nails!   oh my *swoon*             Aren't these just the most gorgeous watches you have ever seen?

And shoes!  Gotta have some shoes for my sister dear and all the other shoe lovers!  but seriously how could  you not love these?

So there it is...some of my favorites of the up coming fashions and styles for the holidays and spring 2012!  I am very excited for some of the up coming trends, hurry up spring!

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