Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sooo, it's 8 days till Christmas and I am going like crazy to finish my homemade gifts...I have two more big projects, one medium one.  I have a sewing prject left to finish and A TON OF WRAPPING to do!  AHHH!  I am oficially stressed out.....So I was suppossed to post the dishes with mehndi/henna designs i have for sale but didnt have time to take pics yesteday, so i will try to get them up tonight.  But for right now, since i am stressed and rushed I am posting some lovely shoes!  and other nice things to break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a little sparkle or two ;)...

They come up with the most amazing shoes now!  They are like a work of art....I am starting to understand my sisters obsession. :)

And now for some Mehndi that I love, I have had requests for mehndi for the holidays and these have been some of my inpiration as i warm up for some fun get togethers.

 SOooo, like any good glamazon, I have been thinking how i will do my hair for Christmas gettogethers and the Big C day, and these are some things that I have been deciding on...I really really really love the first one but will have to practice if it will look anyting close to that I cant decide between half up, all up or all down and great accessories.......

 How are you doing your hair for the holidays?  What inspires you?  Any makeup Ideas?
A Very Merry Christmas to all!


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