Monday, January 16, 2012

30 for 30 days Hair challenge

Soo I have seen lots of posts and articles about 30 for 30 wardrobe challenges and I have been trying more protective styles for my delicate curls during the winter months in an effort to grow them out (my hair grows tragically slow!) and have been thinking about posting a series about it and then my fabulous sister gave me the 30 for 30 idea!  Yeah I know she is brilliant :).  So here it is the first "do " in the series
Almost all of these are styles that wont need heat to achieve to prevent damage while looking FABULOUS!

 So I just kinda twist - the same like you would french braid but way faster - the front of my hair in small sections and secure them with mini clips you can use bobby pins or anything you choose that is your style.  I love how easy it is for a busy mom ( i can fit it in after my 2 minute shower LOL) and it looks good and fun all day and stays put even without product...all i use is leave in conditioner for this one.  It also gives a fun kinky texture the next day when you take out the twirls!  You can make a high hair do then :)

You can also put elastics in and wear it for a few days!

You can get fancy with it too,  I love this updo! 

Hope you like, another one to come tomorrow :)!

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