Thursday, January 5, 2012

Woman...Lovely By Design.

I have been reading really good blogs about femininity and am all in that right now cause i am VERY VERY opinionated about it...more in the you are a woman and different from men, but worth as much and that we need to enjoy and embrace and be girly and adornment is good and fine and fun...and we also need to spend as much time on character or more then we do in the's more about balance. :)

I am very passionate about Women's Issues, and do alot of reading and reaserch about it, I read my Bible regularly and pay close attention to what God has to say about women in all aspects of life, and that is why I am committed to being a stay-at-home mom and a Home-maker.  It is a humble and very worthy calling I have known was mine my whole entire life from age 3. Yet how do you say in this world that your calling is to be a mother and home-maker and contributer in a support-group, and teacher and preacher and cook and house-girl to a large but lovely family ( we have one little one so far but my husband and I are in agreement that we will have and car efor as many as God blesses us with).  And what a blessing to find and better yet marry a man who values and holds in high regard, stay-at-home mothers and family over all the rest of the things of the world.  It is a joy to have a husband that notices and is thankful for the endless jobs we do again and again every day every week that make our houses homes.  I am blessed that is for sure....I am very thankful my Mother and Auntie (god-mother) told me when i was not yet a teen to pray for my future husband.  It was worth every single second...God hears every little tiny prayer that I know for sure, and He saves them up for the perfect time and gives abundantly!

  Modesty is something Mother talked alot to us about as we were becoming women, and often, she shopped along side us and guided us in the way we should go and helped us understand why...I have never wore a mini anything thanks to her...and am glad i headed her advice and teaching for the most part.  I always got treated like a lady (know that there are jerks and fools everywhere and i am not counting their idiocy in this) and with respect if i wanted...Women tell others how to treat us by our actions and dress.  If you don't look to men for approval you will be treated better by them, on top of making better life choices.   

I dont believe you need to wear long sleeves, that you cant show your arms, or that you cant wear shorts, and knee length skirts, but really anything that you cant wear a bra under or you see the straps, we all know that is not modest, and you can wear nice tops but dont show half your bust off, and you dont need saran wrap to get a mans attention, we often forget that a modestly, yet womanly dressed woman will most definitely catch their eye, and in a good forever type of way as opposed to a single night type of way and that really ishow every girl dreams of being desired and treated.  Treated with value and worth and held up in a forever loved, and treated like a princess way.  We dont get that dressing like a tart.  I now its blunt but you know its true. 
I like fashionable clothes and think it is fine to be stylish and that adornment is just fine and fun and wonderful part of being created woman, God speaks alot about how beautiful women are adorned....but it needs to be the accompaniment to a kind heart and gentle spirit, faith, and character.   The "good girls" of the bible wore jewels and nice clothes and pierced their noses so you need to pray and consider what your lines will be and the effect they will have on you as a woman, on those around you and your daughters and sons....and to all those people who say that we have to protect men from lust....that is theirs to deal with not yours, but we don't need to advertise if we aren't selling anything.

We all know when we get dressed the reaction our outfit will receive...what will you choose today?  A prince or a vagrant.   You have to stand a tell God when you get there so you have to choose for your self.  So that is my rant for the day and some of my thoughts on it, I would love to hear yours, I love a good disscussion!

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