Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012.

So 2012 is here and it seems like it came wayyy too fast :).  But I am thinking this year is a little different at least to me, i am not doing resolutions or intentions, I will simply have goals, to make life better and more satisfying for me and my family to bring our hopes and dreams closer into reach.  I always feel like the new year and all the pressure to be prefect at everything and the "right size and/or shape" and have you beans (some people say nuts, be we more crazy then that! lol) in a row, ready to take on the world!  LOL...I just feel frazzled when Jan rolls around after all the hustle bustle and am simply trying to "catch up" after it all....Why does it seem like my house had a tornado go thru it and that my family have worn two sets of clothes for like 10 days??  I didnt even have time to think about what this year could be or my goals this year. LOl that s what I have been up to today ::)  Sewing! and cleaning and sewing some more and dreaming about all the projects i can get done and the possibilities this year holds.  So a few of my goals are.....
-Get back to pre-baby weight
-Dance with Dear daughter everyday
- work on hindi every day till the program is finished adn move on to spanish (it will be time for dear daughter to learn another language too)
- sewing 10 things a month
- make at least a set of dishes a month and sell them.
- get my hair in good condition by avoiding heat until once on the weekend
- Make a menu plan for the week and fill it in every week (i usually forget :))
- Do one special thing with darling daughter a week, girly thing or fun for her.
- set up the sensory bins as she is old enough for some of them, and have them ready to go.
I always seem to get to January with the same goals as last year and not much changed, but this year I am pretty happy with my progress last year, and am looking forward to continuing on this year!

What are some of your goals for this year?  Happy new year and blessings everyone!

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