Thursday, November 29, 2012

Easy-peasy, Fly out the door Hair (Look of the Day)

 So I have learned a new fabulous way to make hair last and look finished and Fab, for 3-4 days.  With two kids now and one being small more then 5 min showers are a luxury that i afford 2ce a week, so I obviouly cant wash me hair more often then that :)
I found a new technique where you use hairspray instead of back combing to add lift and volume...and tweeked it to suit my face shape and favorite hair styles and i came up with this:
- you hold the hair up and spray section by section/ or layer by layer for lift, where you want it.  you brush it out every evening and the hairspray acts as a kinda dry shampoo for me (but I have coarse, dry, curly hair) and a humidity barier....which cuts down stying time too.

You can change your style every day and look fabulous simply brush out your last "Do" and spray in a new one LOL...

you can do a bump, or and updo, or a let your hair be just down and a few well placed bobby pins and good to go in 3 min flat!
 5 min if you add mascara and conceler for those sleepless nights, throw on a pair of earings and you are stylin' and ready to run!

Hope you like it!

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